Launched in 2019, Untitled 1991 is dedicated to giving new life to preloved vintage and designer goods. 

After several years running a physical vintage store, founder L.L.E now solely explores the digital realms. With her new project Untitled 1991 she wishes to inspire an international audience by curating and documenting her passion for vintage. 

Disregarding boundaries between fashion, visual art, design and architecture, Untitled 1991's Instagram account has become a virtual extension of our perspectives on vintage and its everlasting romance. 



Climate change remains one of the single greatest environmental and social challenges that we face as a species today, and we actively seek to be a part of the global response that is needed. 

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business. By offering vintage styles that stand the test of time, we aim to find a solution to the ecological burden that comes with the production of new clothing. 


For career opportunities, please reach out to careers@untitled1991.com.